I have my own webpage! I''ll be much more relaxed and friendly away from the shelter and all these cats!
I have my own webpage! I''m a little scared here, but I love being petted and brushed!
Adorable, Playful, Relaxed Earth might be timid upon 1st meeting, but she'll warm up, and once she does, she's super wonderful. She'll relax right into your arms if you want to hold her. Although she's got a rough play style with toys, Earth is gentle when playing with her humans. The only other furry friends Earth has had exposure to are her sisters, who have tested positive for FeLV. Earth ha...
Kata is a very confident and playful girl! You might think she s shy because she likes to hide out under tables, chairs, or beds but she loves to run and chase toys. As of September 2018, you can see this courageous kitten in action at Petsmart, Bee Cave Adoption Center . Kata is a friendly kitten, raised in a Thundering Paws foster home with her littermates and mom Sydney .
I'm a very lovable and mellow kitty who Seeks attention!
Lovable, Silly, Playful Simon says... play with me all day every day and give me lots of snuggles! Simon is an easygoing Bengal-mixture-tabby guy with your typical kitty interests: catnip, cuddles from his people, treats, and toys! What Simon loves even more than toys and treats is his sister, River! These 2 are inseparable, and Simon loves playing the protective big brother role. His sister lo...
Stunning, Reserved, Shy River is the world's #1 sister! There's nothing she loves more than her brother, Simon, whom you can always find her hanging out with, from practicing her wrestling moves to snuggling up for a good cat nap. River is an precious Bengal-mixture-torbie girl who is currently more interested in her brother than she is in humans, but she's gradually warming up to them! Being p...
Friendly, Happy, Hilarious Marbles is simply marvelous! Playful, loving and affectionate, this young fullgrown sweetie is so full of kitteny fun. Marbles absolutely loves people and sharing affection. If you pick him up and hold him, he likes to look over your shoulder to check out what's going on behind you, it's really adorable! He is an intrepid explorer who loves to play. Balls and wand toy...
Sweet, Calm, Affectionate You might just mistake Isaac for a bunny, his fur is that soft! Close your eyes as he nuzzles you and you'll swear you're holding a rabbit. Of course, his attractive tabby nice looks are a giveaway that he's all kitty. He has super long whiskers, which are especially cute on such a tiny frame. He's an affection boy, who will sit in your lap and who lets you pick him up...
Jigsaw is very social, and loves to purr! In fact, she will start to purr the moment you pet her. Jigsaw is playful! She loves to play with a toy ball and with her kitty friends. She is very social and is great with all the cats she has met! Jigsaw is a pretty gray with a black tipped tail - fancy! Contact us today to meet her. Jigsaw has tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). It is possib...
Krueger loves to purr! He has a really loud purr, too, and shows it off every chance he gets. Krueger loves to play with a toy ball, rolling it around, chasing it, capturing it! He also plays with his feline buddies, and gets along good with all the cats he has met. Krueger will be a little bit timid when you meet him, so give him some time, and he will be your extra adorable kitty with a very ...
Mesmerizing eyes, Innocent look, Attractive Meet Hope - this sweet little guy has the most lovable and innocent face ever! He is a total lover boy, and would love nothing more than to cuddle with you the rest of his life! He is very playful and silly and though he isn't the most adventurous of his brothers, he certainly loves checking out new things. Hope will happily climb into his humans lap ...
My name is Keepsake and I am such a treasure! Looking for my forever family! Visit this organization's website to see any additional information available about this pet.
Adopt Amigo a All Black Domestic Short hair / Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Austin, TX (23530566) spayed/neutered
Adopt Edna a Cream or Ivory Siamese / Domestic Short hair / Mixed cat in Austin, TX (23532956)
Shy, Distinguished, Low-Key Contrary to his name, Meow Man is actually not much of a talker. He's a quiet, attractive senior who primarily enjoys lounging in sunbeams and finding cozy spots to curl up for a nap. He accepts pets and scratches, but this old fluffer also likes to have his space for some quality alone time. He will seek you out though when he's in the mood for some loving. He is ca...
Playful, Cuddly, Tentative Jinx is the whole package! From his little pink nose to his little pink toes, this cutie pie is everything you could want in a kitten. He loves to run around and chase after any toy that rolls across the floor, especially crinkle balls and catnip mice! Jinx even knows how to indicate that it's time to play - with a squeaky little mew! He'll chase anything all over the...
Cuddly. Fearless. Goofy. 'Yabba Dabba Doo!!!' - Fred 'Twinkle Toes' Flintstone Party hard sleep hard - That's how Twinkle Toes lives his life. Twinkle Toes is a special boy who lives his life to the fullest. While Twinkle Toes does have some trouble getting around due to his Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), he doesn't let it stop him from having fun. Twinkle Toes needs someone who is willing to give...
Azalea is currently interning as the newest office cat. She leaves the supervision of staff and volunteers to more experienced cats like McCree and Meowstick, but will sometimes come out to keep an eye on visitors. Azalea doesn't tend to like pats, but will give high fives when she's in the right mood.
Tilley comes across as a little bit of a grumpy kitty (or at least very standoffish), but she adores attention on her own terms. Catch her in the right mood and she'll soak up pats for half an hour or more. The rest of the time, she might shy away from pats, but she's still happy to hang around and people-watch. During her months in the cat room, she's gradually become a little tamer, but is st...
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